Level 1 'Beginner' Staffworker™

Regular price $1,000.00 per month

A Level 1 'Beginner' Dedicated Staffworker™ will have demonstrated interest in the required application based on the following conditions.


Your dedicated Staffworker™ demonstrates an interest in conceptual knowledge relating to the required task.


Your dedicated Staffworker™ may not have obtained any level of applied or practical application relating to the required task.


Level 1 'Beginner' Staffworkers™ may have no practical experience relating to the required task.


Dependent on the required application for the role, level 1 'Beginner' Staffworkers™ will have completed the equivalent of higher school education. 


Medium to high level of both written and spoken English.

Hours of engagement

Full-time engagement consisting of a typical 38 hour working week or 7.6 hours per day.


Indicative prices displayed to illustrate what you can expect to pay each month and subject to change based on final evaluation due to factors that include the required scope of works tasks and duties, required discipline or profession, skill level, knowledge level, education level and other requirements.

Full-time engagement based on a 38 hour working week with a maximum 20 day working month to incorporate annual leave, public holidays, sick, bereavement or other leave entitlements.

Staff leasing services are billed each calendar month on a pro-rata basis subject to the terms of our ‘Staff Leasing and Workstation Agreement’.

Pursuant to our trading terms, clients are required to pay a fully refundable bond equivalent to one (1) month of estimated service charges prior to commencement of recruitment activities which include advertising, candidate screening, preliminary and final interviewing of your selected candidate for placement. Refer to our website ‘terms of service’ for full conditions of the Bond Payment.


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