More about Riza and her passion for art and music

Anyone who knows me would say that Riza definitely has two passions in life; art and music.

It’s honestly so hard for me to separate those two passions because I learnt to play the guitar when I was young and like most Filipinos, we love to go out singing with our friends.

My work is so important to me because of my need to create and sketch which is why as a designer, working from home is important to me. It’s where I draw my creative expression. 

“As a designer, working from home is important to me. It’s where I draw my creative expression” 

When I was studying architectural design at college some years ago, I would always do my best work at home or in an environment where I could relax, dream and be inspired.  

It’s such a wonderful time to be living in Manila with all the modern building developments happening around the city, amazing art spaces popping up everywhere and the vibrant music and entertainment scene that this city has on offer.

I really don’t think there is anywhere else I’d rather be right now, apart from Sydney of course where my employer is always talking about the creative scene and wonderful galleries and exhibitions on show.

Riza - Graphic Designer


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