Jasmine realises her career goals and helps others on the way

When I was just a student many years ago, I recall having always wanted to work overseas and for a large international organisation. 

As things changed after I completed my education, my dream to work for a large organisation was realised, however I remained here in the Philippines with my husband and our family. 

I’ve been so fortunate to work for some amazing companies over the years in a variety of roles including administration and customer support and I previously worked in a large call centre for over 10 years. 

"I previously worked in a large call centre for over 10 years"

Now that my children are attending high school, I really enjoy the ability to work from home which allows me to spend much more time with them.

Working for Staffworks has been the best experience in my professional journey so far.

Every day I get to work with amazing people and believe that I am truly valued for my efforts. I know that this is because of my training and experience but I also know that helping customers is something I’m very passionate about.

"helping customers is something I’m very passionate about"

In my personal life, I’m also very passionate about taking care of the environment which I believe all starts at home. That’s why our family does what little we can to save on energy and recycle our waste.

The best part is that I am now working for an Australian company and can't wait to visit there next year.

Jasmine – Customer Support


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