Let us recruit and place a highly skilled, fully-vetted Staffworker™ to meet your job requirements

Personal assistants

Office administators

Customer sales and support

Digital marketers


And more...

Outsource remote staff more effectively than ever before.

With Staffworks®, you can finally get the help you need for your small business.

Our remote staff packages are affordable, simple and straightforward; so there's no reason to delay getting that extra help any longer!

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The future of your business starts today.

Your remote Staffworker™ is equipped with everything needed to ensure effective communication between you, other staff members and most importantly your customers if required.

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Why employ when you can outsource with Staffworks®

Save up to 70% on the high cost of Aussie wages and office space

Staffworks® manages over 1,000 off-shore Staffworkers™

Staffworkers™ are fully vetted, highly skilled & eager to work

Select Staffworkers™ based on the level of experience you require



Pay as little as $250 a week for a
full-time Staffworker™

Staff outsourcing can help grow your business and reduce costs

We’re not like the competition

  • Accredited Telco & ISP

    With over 50 years collective experience in telco and ISP service provision, we offer packages to ensure that your remote Staffworker™ can effectively communicate between you, other staff members and your customers if required.

  • Philippines based staff

    Outsourcing provides enormous savings on labor costs but much of those savings can be lost to the high cost of office space. Our Staffworkers™ are recruited to fulfill your job requirements so you really do save.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Staffworks® is what you need to expand your business or save on labor and office costs. Our services are guaranteed to reduce the stress of maintaining employee and tax records so you can focus on your business.

Dedicated Remote Staff Packages

Level 1 'Beginner' Staffworker™

Level 1 'Beginner' Staffworker™

Regular price $1,000.00 per month

Level 2 'Basic' Staffworker™

Level 2 'Basic' Staffworker™

Regular price $1,200.00 per month

Level 3 'Skilled' Staffworker™

Level 3 'Skilled' Staffworker™

Regular price $1,400.00 per month

Frequently asked questions

We're an Australian business; so where is my remote worker based?

From our experience, the best country from which we draw our talent pool is the Philippines.

The Philippines is the world’s third largest English-speaking country having been a U.S. colony for nearly 50 years and has resulted in strong western influences.

Filipinos consider higher education to be a priority which is reflected by the countries impressive literacy rate of over 94% being amongst the highest in the world.

As a highly consumer-driven population with nearly 90 million people,  the Filipino workforce consists of a large pool of skilled and highly trainable people.

The Philippines is located right in the heart of Asia and shares the same time zone as Western Australia meaning it is just two hours behind the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (3 hours during Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time).

We want to place a remote worker but can they answer our incoming phone calls?

Yes!, Staffworks® is an Australian full-service telecommunications and internet service provider, specialising in unified communication and IP telephony solutions to Australian businesses.

Our feature rich solutions can be easily customised to suite your business and we offer a range of cloud-based IP-PBX and on-site IP telephone systems designed to increase productivity while delivering real cost savings.

All our solutions support high definition incoming and outgoing voice calls within your office, other office members and your customers if required.

Are we charged for international calls when my remote worker contacts me or my customers?

No!, All our IP telephony solutions support incoming and outgoing voice calls within your office, other office members and your customers.

This means your remote worker can accept incoming calls and make outgoing calls as if they are located in Australia and are even provided with a local Australian telephone number.

Best of all, calls made between you and your remote worker are toll free and other outgoing calls are charged at standard Australian call rates.

How can I keep track the performance of my dedicated worker if they’re located abroad?

All remote workers are required to access our Deskworks™ system to track daily attendance, work performance and reviews, skill sets, time-off scheduling and more.

In fact, our system is so comprehensive that it often delivers a higher level of visibility and transparency over a domestically placed workforce.

When your dedicated worker logs into Deskworks™, we monitor and track all work being performed which you can then access as a report which illustrates screenshot recordings, daily time sheet and weekly PC usage and monitoring reports.

Can I change my remote worker if I’m not totally satisfied?

Your remote staffworker is recruited and placed according to the appropriate skill, knowledge and experience level required for the role.

While it is rare that our recruitment processes may not have identified weaknesses prior to engagement, we accept their may be other extenuating circumstances.

Subject to reasonable notice, we will work with our clients to recruit alternative talent for the respective role and replace your remote worker.

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